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trommeln in vergessenheit
mit flammen, wind und wut gefallen
die dunklen gemäuer in die woge der vergessenheit
heute nacht wird es getötet, mit blut begossen, rau geschrien
der staub weht ins klare nichts
doch soll mir heut' bei kaltem licht
geleitet sein der weg vom unsterblichen geist
keine schmach in den augen
nur der bittere sieg
vom gestorbenen verwandten, der einst meine seele war
hinaus aufs leichenübersähte feld
flackert die dämmerung im zeichen meiner geburt
das symbol meines niedergangs
gebährt muskeln, haut und knochen
geformt zur neuen gestalt der macht
mit gereinigtem verstand und klarem ziel
ohne zweifel sticht die scharfe klinge
durch alte gewänder übel riechend
zerbrechend den pfeil der zeit
der kompass erneut richtung sonne zeigt
erbeben tut mein umriss
erleuchtet vom lunarem licht
meine geschichte ein ende findet
keine persönlichkeit, kein wille, kein gedächtniss
das den dämonen ein zuhause birgt
der tod weidet die wiese in großem zug
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 0
Neverending War V DC
Neverending War V Divine Conquerors
forged in battle, surrounded by fire and ashes of raging war
born in the warm womb of dying worlds
we march through ice and steel
foretold in ancient tales and sacred scriptures
the mythical warriors of ultramar
fearless commitment encoded in our blood, manifested in our bodies
the relic keepers of humanity, the ruling force that spreads through the galaxy
dominance through superior firepower, the judging hammer of gods
merciless, like supernovas, our force seals the testaments of whole solar systems
a regime, so focused, so brutal, a relentless collective of the chosen
our origin is the edge of destruction itself
so it is written, in holy scrolls older than rising civilisations  
sacred traditions and rituals, executed since millennia, reminding of duty and honor
we bear the fate of human race
our machinery is the voice of bloodlusting gods, mightier than thrilling volcanos and melting suns
it incarnates death itself
brightly polished, ins
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 0
Grain Of Sand
so white is the sand of shining shores
daylight stretches on my skin
calming sound of brawling waves
so green the crowns of trees
tendrils reaching strong into bright sky
warm wind carresses tips of leafs
a blue bird tops himself on a limb
singing a song with proudly swollen chest
clouds like cotton playing with each other
my feet buries himself in the soft powder
oh how nature touts for me
flatters all my senses
touching me in a harmonic way
my mind clear like ocean water
so enlightened my soul is roaming free
i finally realise
gods kingdom lies in a grain of sand
i am one with everything
everything is one with me
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 1 2
Bloodred Snow
you do pretend
that this is happening
stop to defend
your position in this drama
i see through you
don't fuckin blind
me with your lies
through the darkness of your eyes
where are your thoughts
when i'm close to you
i understand
that you depart yourself
you comprehend
that you can't forget
forget him, forgive yourself
he fuckin tortures your mind
i won't let you go
fallin in bloodred snow
just turn around
give me your deadcold hand
i loose my stand
your kisses kill
they break my will
i suffer to believe
in a future that doesn't exist
you force me to bleed
my wounds open in slowmotion
i can't oppose me
can't oppose yourself
won't let you die in me
don't place a dot at that story
your ghost fades away
bloodred snow
i hate these words, just start to cry
bloodred snow
my screams left unheard
bloodred snow
choking white bird
bloodred snow
i fall asleep with your face in front of me
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 1 0
NW IV The Arrival Of Astartes
Neverending War IV The Arrival Of Astartes
distorted confused voices scream over the radio
the officers despair confronting their helplessness
hold the bridge at all costs
were the last words which left our commanders mouth before lasers perforated his head
our soldiers get pulverised in their barricades
every second the enemies artillery guns thumb like a raging heart
pitch-black tanks appear in our flank with blowing flags of our company
we sigh with relief when their howitzers shoot explosive projectiles into enemies face
suddently assualt commands come over the radio
our soldiers leave their burning backup
like an ant army we run over the titanic bridge
when i catch sight of the horizon i face the true dimension of enemy horde
suddently over our heads extremely fast falling bloodred dots appear
whining bombs, panic takes control, seconds till detonation
blast wave shoots my body high in the air
innumerable bones break under the force of destruction
a storm of hot blood and burnt me
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 1 1
Glorious Hymns
through wild ocean our dragonships swim
pushed forward by the wind
our sails spread like wings
carried by divine might
like angels of death we fly
friends and brothers all gathered by my side
till death do us part
we fight together until the end
brotherhood of pagan trinity
thundering drums of gods announce our arrival
we come when night falls
the shore we'll soak in blood
battles i don't fear
death is our fellow in dark hours
longing my brothers await to sacrifice theirselves
it's vague if we'll return home again
may ancient gods guard our way
strong and brave we part the monstrous waves
with glorious hymns we laugh in deaths face
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 2
strange force of change touches my head
time stretches mysteriously
new definiton of life
misterious emotions redirect me
my mind embraces me
confused senses twist reality
you told me i'll always be the same
doors stood open for years
i finally went trough
across fiery fear
it doesn't hurt like expected
to my surprise
the opposite is true
i enjoyed it, every part of me
experience of apparentness
air's vibrating tonight
music stimulates my vision
dreams become reallity
equilibrium reaches new dimension
faceless walls of labyrinth disappear
waiting ends, the clocks burst into million pieces
the pain dies victoriously by burning unimaginable mighty sunlight
black clouds transform into blue water, crystal sky
i bath myself into comforting water surrounding me
my smiling soul and me gather again
i found myself
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 0
Wings Of Apocalypse
needed resources disappear
governments scream into the sky
war for salvation
mankind reaches the edge of insanity
oppressed emotions rush to the surface
brothers and sisters fight each other
termination of known mercy
desperate massacres for crumbs of food
hate rains upon the earth
followed by genocide
nuclear weaponry becomes the ultimate answer
mass destruction causes quake of apokalyptic scale
earth loses equilibrium and spits rivers of fire and magma
swarms of insects spread deseases into burning air  
animals become berserk with fiery eyes
rabies takes control of mind and soul
planet sized asteroid
followed by army of meteoroids in every shape darken dying sunlight
aggressive blackened clouds attack
unleash enormous raging tornados
cutting scars into bloody ground
sea level increases drastically and overflow breaking surface
wings of apocalypse close tighter around the bleeding world
crying screams of humanity fade away into endless universe
mother nature made her desici
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 2
Oppressed Soul
endless path, mysterious, hopeless
full of questions, too much answers
blind search with unknown goals
nightmarish creature in every corner
no light around...turn into next passage, lightened by blazing sun
loosing strenght...muscles contract, pain...the real truth
seductive temptations showing lies, me into wrong direction
betray betray betray
invisible hands, out of nowhere pull me backwards, feed me with fear, close the opened doors
black, purple walls whispering words, chants veil my ideals...hide the truth
next path brings me back to the beginning, closer to the end
stong wind in isolated rooms, candlelights darken my thoughts
claustrophobic feelings in clear space, shining stars
dead trees growing downward...roots bleed black blood, bitter sweet taste
heat melts my moral,sweat, ice freezes my belief, frost
i eat with my enemy, fight against my friends
i escape from my sorrows, they become bigger
cannot vanquish my grief, doom loop, smiling demons
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 0
Return Of The Warmaster
blood risin god
in cloaks hidden traitors and heretics
swinging black books and preaching of hell and demons
screaming letters of unkown words
blind man follows with stunned will and conscience
live turns into gomorrah
demonic flames
born in caves of forbidding horror of ugly sadistic priests
consuming years of memories and culture
flames of hatred devouring wilderness
the homeland of a young warrior
sky turns black in front of his cyring eyes
his fist closes harder than ever before
hell must be cold
he runs to the place of legend and myth
told in fables and dreams
right on the cliff which touches evil clouds
he sees the breathtaking artefact
in ancient stone older than time
covered with runes of knowledge and magic
sword of his father awakes to new life
young man touches the weapon without fear
knowing of the coming revelation
pure essence of energy flows through his body
freeing memories of once golden age
break the chains in his mind
without oppression and lie
he sees past
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 7
The Children Of Nature Part II
in the dry steppes of africa
the black panther crouches silently in the treetop
a predator of agility and unbelieviable strenght
with cold eyes he is focusing his victim
masked with blackness of night
he suddently jumps from high above without a sound...straight on his target
...shreds up enemy body with his horrific claws
his forceful fangs break up the neck
and he disappears so silently as he came...into deep of night
in the endless heights of peaks
the majestic hawk floats with spreaded wings
and beholds a goat in the rocky abyss of mountains
the smallest movement a hundred meters beneath him activates his senses
in furious plummet he oppens his claws and gripps into the goats meat
with monstrous strenght the angellike hawk pulls his suprised victim into depths
and rises up into the airs again
on the endless search with his allseeing eyes
in the dangerous waters of marshes
the alligator lies in ambush silently
one of the few remaining dinosaurs from ancient times
he dives closer to
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 0
Young Blood
through the night
grim ravens of oden ridin the rainy clouds
looking towards stormy ocean
bloodsoaked banners stand out gigantic waves
adorned with enemy corpses and dragon heads
viking ships swim across icecold waters
with steady look und steely muscles
these pagan men stand strong against nature
anthems of glory...through brawling waves
thunder...the sound of the apokalypse
inconspicuous and silently
...the young blood holds the paddle with all his strenght
gives everything to be like his older brothers around
fights against the waves with his uncontrollable anger
he gives it all be like older ones
he gives it all see what no one sees
he gives it all conquer his weaknesses
he gives it all be such immortal like his gods
far from home
high in the mountains
on icy glacers
immune against the frost and bitting wind
the viking hordes are gathering again
with all their rage and fury
they attack the enemy village
guided by chants of holy sun
in chariot of fire oden as
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 1
Chant Of Winterforest
When the fullmoon rises again
It leads me again to the forest
My kingdom, my home
Snowcovered treecrowns
Flickering fire in the woods
Night has begun
Snow lies on the ground
Wind blows through the trees
Melodies of the woods
Great spectatcel of mother nature
Oaks white of snow
And no one there
Only me  
The surrounding nature
The coldness of winterstorm
Freezes my face
With frost that is so enorm
No life here dwells
Diabolical frost winds
Raping coldness
Oh, would this night be eternal
I summon them tonight
I summon their return
In the sacred woods
There shall be rebirth
Wind singing the forgotten tales
All of purest pagan art
Foretolding a golden age
Winter has begun
Nights become longer
Summoning the majesty
Allmighty mother nature
There lies the truth
Hidden in the dark of the woods
There lie the tales
Tales of ancient past
Inside of the wooden maze
Gods and godesses
In that forest
In the shine of the moon
In that beautiful night
I found the truth
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 1
Crete 07 by XxWinterwolfxX Crete 07 :iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 0
The Most Valuable Things
hard muscles that contract brutal
hot blood that flows through thick veins
covered by tight skin
scream of exertion and pain
the heavy and simple
gots lift again and again by my iron body
thoughts of collapsing
feelings of break down
try to conquer me
but my will is stronger
...stronger than every belief
weakness is forced down to obey me
i know i can do it
this priceless...afirms me
...i'm harder than ever before
...physically and mentally
immune against stress and idleness
is it pride or strenght that lets my chest constrict?
i've always wanted to be myself...independent and brave
free of fears and weakness...a real man
...thats my greatest wish
but i don't want it as a present
i want to work for it hard
with sweat,tears and blood i want to reach my goal
at the end i'll know for what i've worked for
find your truth...don't dissemble...don't lie
shape your fate
cause not your money counts...or your reputation
it's the blood you share...your fam
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 1
no more
i though time can heal wounds
but now a year has passed
and i still see your face when i close my eyes
feel your smooth skin
...the taste of your lips...a godgiven sin
your silken elfish features
a smile that could melt down worlds
emotions never felt before
when we were together...i thought forever
everything you ever promised to not do you did
so cold...why?
my feelings are true
im missing you
my heart breakes through
you'll guide me into...
i feel such an anger in my chest
a permanent feeling of melancholic
like someones sitting on me
i love you...i hate you
but i cant hate you without hating me
you spoke about honesty...and faithfulness
but whats now?
how could you forget?...because i cant
where is my strenght now?
...feel so empty dead
i hate it to write these lines
but you force me...punish me
your gift was a poison
...without healing
no more...YOU
it's fucking true
i hate you!
you'll guide me into...death
:iconxxwinterwolfxx:XxWinterwolfxX 0 0


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Marko Stankovic
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Current Residence: Germany
Favourite genre of music: Black/Pagan/Viking/Folk Metal, Ambient, Orchestra
Favourite style of art: Fantasy, Nature, Surreal, Realistic, Dark, Sci-Fi, Space, Erotic
Operating System: Ubuntu & Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Gatsu (The Berserk)
Personal Quote: “It's not the blowing of the wind, but the set of your sails.”


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